.-.. .-.  .-.. .-. | 
              (   |(   )(   |(   )| 
               `-`| `-'  `-`| `-' `-
               ._.'      ._.'       

 A little sketch of a text-based time-rewinding game.
        (sort of a clone of braid/nethack)

See it in action here: http://gogol.herokuapp.com/

I'm not a good game designer, so I'd love to get some
help building this thing out, primarily in the form
of designing levels for it. I've deliberately made the
level format dead simple - it's just a text file, what
you see is what you get, you know.

I've got a few ideas for features I want to add, like:

 - stuff that's immune to rewinding (like in Braid!)

 - stuff that iterates forwards or backwards depending
   on the direction you move in (like in Braid!)

 - some sort of self-duplication thing in the style of

 - a better name than Gogol, which is just the name of
   a track by Chilly Gonzales that I had in my head
   when I was trying to think of a working title

 - in-browser level editor

 - telnet interface

 - maybe it should work in IE ha ha

To get started with the code, clone the repo:

    git clone https://aanand@github.com/aanand/gogol.git

Install coffee-script globally and the other
dependencies locally:

    npm install
    npm install -g coffee-script

To run the game in the terminal, go:

    coffee gogol.coffee [level number, optional]

To run the server, go:

    coffee server.coffee


    gem install foreman
    foreman start